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Sheep Rations

All of Greenvale Feeds are manufactured in our state of the Art Manufacturing Feed Mill to the highest quality standards set by UFAS.

Recommended feeding instructions for ewes pre and post lambing:

  • Introduce Hi-Energy Ewe & Lamb six weeks before lambing
  • Start at a rate of 0.25 kgs/ewe/day
  • Increase gradually to reach 0.7 kgs/ewe/day at lambing time


  • Feed Hi-Energy Ewe & Lamb 19 to ewes rearing lambs at a rate of 1 kg/ewe/day or 0.5 kgs/lamb being reared


Feeding Guidelines for Sheep

  • Always ensure that fresh water and good quality forage are available
  • At high feeding rates (greater than 1 kg/hd/day) feed twice a day to reduce the risk of digestive upsets
  • As a preventative against grass tetany in lactating ewes add calcined magnesite (Cal Mag) to the feed (e.g. 10 kgs Cal Mag per tonne of feed, and feed at least 0.5kgs/ewe/day)
  • Avoid feeds containing magnesium for ewes before lambing as it increases the risk of hypocalcaemia
  • Never feed male lambs or hoggets rations containing magnesium as it may lead to urinary calculi
The above feeding recommendations are only a guideline and may have to be altered according to ewe size, ewe body condition, forage quality, multiple births etc.